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Cheer Wars returns!

Cheer Wars will be featured in this summer’s Florida Festival of New Musicals at the Winter Park Playhouse in Winter Park, Florida!

The festival will feature six musicals, presented over four days, June 20-23, 2024.

Read more about the festival and the five other shows here. I look forward to sharing more information about our collaborators and cast soon.

The time has never felt more right to stake a claim for joy, and I’m excited to revisit this project with Karlan almost 17 years (gulp!) after we started writing it!

A first table(t) reading!

As we quickly make our way through a first, rought draft of These Familiar Spirits, Julia and I wanted the chance to hear what we’ve written so far read outloud for the first time… mostly just to make sure it makes sense and we’re on the right track. So we enlisted some of our most trusted friends and collaborators (some stretching back over two decades!) to do a cold reading and see what we have!

Beyond being excited about what we’ve written, tonight was the best reminder that there’s nothing like longstanding collaborations with wonderful actors who know your work and know your heart to make you feel invincible (and not at all embarrassed, which is how I normally feel hearing anything for the first time.) I feel so lucky to have LaRaisha Dionne, Sukari Jones, Allison Lian, Ellen Macy, Allison Posner, Lynne Marie Rosenberg, Libby Servais, and Rich Silverstein as an integral part of my writing and my life!

(And the verdict from the read? These Familiar Spirits is a moooooood. Now back to writing!)

Back to Flint!

After a three year delay, The Magnificent Seven will receive its world premiere at Flint Repertory Theatre from March 31-April 16, 2023!

I can’t wait to be back at Flint Rep (in the heart of gymnastics country) for the next incarnation of The Magnificent Seven. The theater (and the people who make it) have been so supportive and stuck with us through, you know, a global pandemic, and it means so much to go back to the place that heard it first. FULL CIRCLE!

Also full circle… It means so much to be working with director Catie Davis on this project. We were with her in the rehearsal room for Pregnancy Pact in the first week of March 2020 when we all realized just what was going on… And since that production never made it out of the rehearsal room it feels good and correct to be back together to see this one through!

Check out the full team below, and visit for more info and tickets.

Director: Catie Davis
Choreographer: Duane Lee Holland, Jr.
Music Director: Jeremy Robin Lyons
Scenic Design: Ann Beyersdorfer
Costume Design: Adam M. Dill
Lighting Design: Jake DeGroot
Sound Design: Matt Otto
Props Design: Miranda Sue Hartman
Stage Manager: Melissa A. Nathan
Assistant Stage Manager: Rebecca MacCreery

Something Blue in Ithaca

Walking on Water Productions’ New Original Works Festival included readings of Something Blue! I’m so glad that we had the chance to return to this project for the first time since 2020 so that we could do some long-awaited rewriting.

It was lovely to get to present our work in Julia’s hometown of Ithaca, NY, and was especially lovely to work with some wonderful new friends and collaborators: director Sarah Plotkin, music director Jeremy Pletter, stage manager Quin Frederich, and actors Hannah Avery (Joelle), Seamus Buxton (Geoff), and Paul Morgan (Casey).

The show was presented November 6, 12 & 18 at the Cherry Artspace. The festival included readings of Extended Stay by Jenny Stafford & Scotty Arnold and Onward and Upward by Charlie Romano & Will Wegner.

Thanks to Priscilla Hummel for including our work in WoW’s festival!


We were lucky enough to spend the fall working on REB+VoDKa+ME with the senior class of Penn State’s Musical Theatre program over Zoom. Led by director John Simpkins and music director Jennifer Peacock, it was an exciting chance to dive deep into the show. It was lovely to hear the songs sung again, but it was also an amazing opportunity to talk through the story and the characters as we approach some new rewrites, especially without the pressure of polishing the work for a presentation. It’s so rare to get to listen and think and talk in these settings (29 hours doesn’t allow for much more than music learning on musicals) and it was such a gift to have the chance to do so with actors Aidan Cole, Amanda Drewes, Jasmine Forsberg, Elexa Hanner, Will Jewett, Jake Pedersen, Caitlin Stebelman, Becca Suskauer, and Kate Wild. I’m hopeful that someday we’ll get to be in the same room as all of these folks!