The Loneliest Girl in the World

Music by Julia Meinwald
Full-length musical
3 women, 3 men

Anita Bryant always knew that she was destined for greatness. She just had to figure out what God wanted her to do. She tried becoming Miss America, a pop star, a professional homemaker, a national treasure – all to no avail. After becoming a cultural crusader, she finally knew she was living God’s plan. But was it God’s plan to spur the gay rights movement with a single pie to the face?

Written in the inaugural Ars Nova Uncharted musical theatre writers’ group, curated by Kent Nicholson.  Developed at the 2013 Weston Playhouse Writers Retreat, Two River Theater.

(Formerly known as PIED! and I Love You, Anita Bryant.)

Photos by Studio Simpatika from the 2018 world premiere at Diversionary Theatre. 


  • 2018 World Premiere Production, Diversionary Theatre (San Diego, CA)
    Matt Morrow, director / Patrick Marion, music director
    Featuring Steve Gouveia, Sam Heldt, Allison Spratt Pearce, Lauren King Thompson, Shaun Tuazon, Marci Anne Weubben
  • 2016 NAMT Festival of New Musicals
    Michael Berresse, director / Rich Silverstein, music director
    Featuring Robert Ariza, Sam Heldt, Eric William Morris, Brynn O’Malley, Dana Steingold, Pearl Sun
  • 2015 Concert Production, Polyphone Festival, University of the Arts (Philadelphia, PA)
    Benjamine Kamine, director / Christopher Tolomeo, music director
    Featuring Marcus Briddell, Bryce Crandall, Patrick Henkel, Katie Markey, Elexis Morton, Matthew Oster, Hannah Parke, Cody Swanson, Jackson Teeley, Bianca Teresi, Carrie Thorwarth
  • 2014 Reading, Ars Nova OutLoud
    Portia Krieger, director / Andrew Resnick, music director
    Featuring Max Chernin, Sam Heldt, Greg Hildreth, Victoria Huston-Elem, Julia Mattison, Brad Standley, Dana Steingold
  • 2013 Concert, Ars Nova Uncharted
    Benjamine Kamine, director / Rich Silverstein, music director
    Featuring Ally Bonino, Max Chernin, Sam Heldt, Andrew Kober, Amy Linden, Michael Marcotte, Emily Walton
  • 2013 Reading, The Bats
    Benjamin Kamine, director / Rich Silverstein, music director
    Featuring Jaspal Binning, Lauren Hayes, Marlowe Holden, Brett Hunter, Kerry Ipema, Christine Lee, Evan Maltby, Sean McIntyre, Will Turner