Short Musicals

Co-book & co-lyrics by Rochelle Bright
Music by Arvi Sreenivasan
20-minute musical
1 woman, 2 men

Ethan’s world is forever changed when Matt moves in with him and his mom, Zeena.  Inspired by Edith Wharton’s Ethan Frome.


  • 2009 Production, Montclair State University
    Scott Davenport Richards, director
  • 2006 Reading, New York University, Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program
    Matt August, director / Vadim Feichtner, music director
    Featuring Catherine Porter, Douglas Ullman, Daniel Zaitchik


Music by Julia Meinwald
One-act musical
5 women, 2 men

When both of her children are killed during wartime, a mother demands answers and starts a movement by simply walking.  Inspired by Antigone and the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo.


  • 2009 Workshop, Lincoln Center Directors Lab
    Jeremy Gold Kronenberg, director / Matt Vinson, music director
    Featuring Jolly Abraham, Caroline Stefanie Clay, Lynda Gravatte, Anne L. Nathan, Will Rogers, Bobby Steggert, William Youmans
  • 2008 Workshop, Prospect Theater Company
    Jeremy Gold Kronenberg, director / Matt Vinson, music director
    Featuring Susan Haefner, Mara Jill Herman, Jesse Manocherian, Noelle Molinelli, Sandy York


Music by Julia Meinwald
10-minute musical
1 woman, 1 man

Having just been laid off from his corporate job, a man goes into a vintage store to invent a new personal history.


  • 2014 Production, Williamstown Theater Festival
    Jaki Bradley, director
  • 2009 Production, Prospect Theater Company
    Dev Bondarin, director / Remy Kurs, music director
    Featuring Sarah Corey, Steven Eng