Something Blue

Music by Julia Meinwald
Full-length musical
1 woman, 2 men

Casey and Joelle fell in love when they moved back to their hometown as adults, and they’re getting married tomorrow. They’ve navigated the families, flowers, and fittings to have the simple, easy wedding they’ve always wanted. But when Casey’s ex-boyfriend Geoff shows up at the hotel, things can’t stay so simple. Geoff befriends Joelle and reconnects with Casey, and what has long stayed unspoken begins to surface. They must confront their expectations, hopes, and histories to find the limits and the possibilities of love and marriage.


  • 2019 Reading, Page 73
    Colette Robert, directory / Mila Henry, music director
    Featuring Ally Bonino, Sam Heldt & Casey Robinson
  • 2019 Reading, Underscore Theatre / Chicago Musical Theatre Festival
    Isaac Loomer & Rachel Johnson, directors / Annabelle Revak, music director
    Featuring Sam Button-Harrison, Britain Gebhardt, Alex Newkirk
  • 2014 Concert, New York Theatre Barn at the D-Lounge
    Ethan Heard, director / Rich Silverstein, music director
    Featuring Jeremy Morse, Blake Segal, Phoebe Strole

Watch videos from the concert here!