Something Blue

Music by Julia Meinwald
Full-length musical
1 woman, 2 men

At the last minute, Geoff drives halfway across the country overnight to attend (or maybe crash?) his ex-boyfriend Casey’s wedding to childhood friend Joelle.  But when he gets there, it’s all a bit more complicated than he expected.


  • 2019 Reading, Page 73
    Colette Robert, directory / Mila Henry, music director
    Featuring Ally Bonino, Sam Heldt & Casey Robinson
  • 2019 Reading, Underscore Theatre / Chicago Musical Theatre Festival
    Isaac Loomer & Rachel Johnson, directors / Annabelle Revak, music director
    Featuring Sam Button-Harrison, Britain Gebhardt, Alex Newkirk
  • 2014 Concert, New York Theatre Barn at the D-Lounge
    Ethan Heard, director / Rich Silverstein, music director
    Featuring Jeremy Morse, Blake Segal, Phoebe Strole

Watch videos from the concert here!