The Magnificent Seven

Music by Julia Meinwald
Full-length musical
9 women, 2 men

Amanda Borden, Amy Chow, Dominique Dawes, Shannon Miller, Dominique Moceanu, Jaycie Phelps, and Kerri Strug made up the first U.S. women’s gymnastics team to win Olympic gold at the 1996 Atlanta games. The Magnificent Seven imagines their inner lives on the two days of team competition, as they reach for their young dreams and their faces on the Wheaties box, all leading up to a star-making (and ankle breaking) vault heard ’round the world.

Photos by C. Mead Jackson from the 2016 Fresh Ground Pepper Playgroup Festival at Cloud City. 



2021 Production
The Players Theatre
Nikki DiLoreto, Director / Sunny Hitt, choreographer / Alex Ratner, Music Director

2021 Production
Flint Repertory Theatre (Flint, MI)
Michael Lluberes, Director / Duane Lee Holland Jr., Choreographer / Matthew Berzon, Music Director

2019 Reading
Urban Stages
Nikki DiLoreto, Director / Rich Silverstein, Music Director
Featuring Kim Blanck, Ally Bonino, Nikita Burdein, Rachel Flynn, Kendyl Ito, Ellen Condon Macy, Madison Mullahey, Allison Posner, Lynne Marie Rosenberg, Ryan Speakman, Tatiana Wechsler

2019 Reading
Flint Repertory Theatre New Works Festival (Flint, MI)
Michael Lluberes, Director / Rich Silverstein, Music Director
Featuring Samantha Carter, Shelby Coleman, Stephanie Dean, Emily Fishman, Paul Gregor, Paul Nelson Gregory, Taylor Katherine Jones, Annadelle Kimber, Amanda Kuo, Mary Paige Reiffel, Paige VanSickle

2016 Sharing
Fresh Ground Pepper @ Cloud City
Nikki DiLoreto, Director / Rich Silverstein, Music Director
Featuring Shaleah Adkisson, Ally Bonino, Amy Linden, Ellen Macy, Gillian Munsayac, Ned Riseley, Lynne Marie Rosenberg, Keith Rubin, Dana Steingold, Emily Walton

2016 Concert
Dixon Place
Alex Ratner, Music Director
Featuring Collin Batten, Ally Bonino, Amy Linden, Ellen Macy, Elexis Morton, Gillian Munsayac, Lynne Marie Rosenberg, Dana Steingold, Dustin Sullivan, Emily Walton