Music by Julia Meinwald
Full-length musical

September 11, 2014 would have been Columbine High School shooter Dylan Klebold’s 33rd birthday and the Tumblr community of his fans, known as Columbiners, spent the day thinking of him. The mourning was interrupted when Chardon High School shooter T.J. Lane escaped from prison that evening, throwing the true crime community into a frenzy. REB + VoDKa + ME follows a girl through the events of that day, her own eighteenth birthday, exploring the quest for community and understanding of the misunderstood.

Photos by Sub/Urban Photography from the 2017 Tisch New Musical Theatre Workshop. 


2019 Reading
The Civilians / OPERA America
Annie Tippe, Director / Rich Silverstein, Music Director
Featuring Renée Albulario, Delaney Amatrudo, Matthew Berzon, Mackenzie Dade, Manoel Felciano, Sam Heldt, MinJi Kim, Lily Lester, David Merino, Elexis Morton, Jeanna Phillips, Tatiana Wechsler

2017 Workshop
Tisch New Musical Theatre Workshop
Ben Kamine, Director / Rich Silverstein, Music Director
Featuring Jack Brinsmaid, Jackie Colquitt, Jessica Fisher, Holly Gould, Angelina Kelly, Adam Lawrence, Lily Lester, Allison Lian, Sam Paley, Angela Pardini-Gomez, Katie Rodgers, Daniel Saulle

2016 Sharing
The Civilians’ R&D Group FINDINGS Series
Ben Kamine, Director / Rich Silverstein, Music Director
Featuring Ally Bonino, Hanako Greensmith, Sam Heldt, Kelsey Lake, Evan Maltby, Lauren Marcus, Elexis Morton, Matthew Oster, Allison Jill Posner, Libby Servais, Rich Silverstein, Emily Walton

REB+VoDKa+ME was written in the 2015-2016 Civilians’ R&D Group, and further developed at the 2016 Johnny Mercer Colony at Goodspeed Musicals, the 2016-17 Musical Theatre Factory, and the 2017 Yale Institute for Music Theatre Alumni Residency.

The development of REB+VoDKa+ME received funding from OPERA America’s Opera Grants for Female Composers program, supported by the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation.