Short Musicals


Co-book & co-lyrics by Rochelle Bright
Music by Arvi Sreenivasan
20-minute musical
1 woman, 2 men

Ethan’s world is forever changed when Matt moves in with him and his mom, Zeena.  Inspired by Edith Wharton’s Ethan Frome.


2009 Production
Montclair State University
Scott Davenport Richards, director

2006 Reading
New York University, Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program
Matt August, director / Vadim Feichtner, music director
Featuring Catherine Porter, Douglas Ullman, Daniel Zaitchik



Music by Julia Meinwald
One-act musical
5 women, 2 men

When both of her children are killed during wartime, a mother demands answers and starts a movement by simply walking.  Inspired by Antigone and the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo.


2009 Workshop
Lincoln Center Directors Lab
Jeremy Gold Kronenberg, director / Matt Vinson, music director
Featuring Jolly Abraham, Caroline Stefanie Clay, Lynda Gravatte, Anne L. Nathan, Will Rogers, Bobby Steggert, William Youmans

2008 Workshop
Prospect Theater Company, Dark Nights Series
Jeremy Gold Kronenberg, director / Matt Vinson, music director
Featuring Susan Haefner, Mara Jill Herman, Jesse Manocherian, Noelle Molinelli, Sandy York



Music by Julia Meinwald
10-minute musical
1 woman, 1 man

Having just been laid off from his corporate job, a man goes into a vintage store to invent a new personal history.


2014 Production
Williamstown Theater Festival
Jaki Bradley, director

2009 Production
Prospect Theater Company
Dev Bondarin, director / Remy Kurs, music director
Featuring Sarah Corey, Steven Eng