One hot day in July 1518, Frau Troffea walked out onto the streets in Strasbourg and began to dance uncontrollably. As crowds gathered around her, others were pulled into her involuntary dance, until the streets were filled with hundreds of plagued dancers, and two sisters living in the city are drawn into the dancers’ world. At a time of persistent social anxiety and ceaseless tension, the people of Strasbourg spent the summer facing the unknowable until it faded away.

Music by Julia Meinwald.

“The Noise” performed by Hana Slevin


Twenty-four years after they changed history, a group of childhood friends reunites for the funeral of one of their own. Over the course of one summer night back in their hometown, the women confront long-buried resentments and lies, with a little bit of dark magic.

Music by Julia Meinwald.

“I Remember Summer” performed by Gabrielle Stravelli


After a natural disaster devastated her hometown, Deni stayed behind. She has spent the months since the disaster finding and rescuing local dogs abandoned by their owners and trying to piece together her grandmother’s synagogue from the bits she remembers, all while avoiding the others who stayed. When the owner of one of her rescue dogs comes back to claim him, she has to confront what it means to have been left behind.

Music by Julia Meinwald.


Susan’s father has been an amateur inventor all her life, and has named a failed invention after each of her older sisters. When her namesake invention becomes an unexpected best-seller, she must contend with an identity she never chose to become the person she was meant to be.

(A play!)