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Give Me the Option

Julia and I were thrilled to be invited by Tommy Ranieri to write a song imagining a musical version of our favorite cult classic movie…

And if you know us, it’s no surprise that we chose to write a song for The Virgin Suicides. The song, “Words,” is imagined as a diary entry discovered by the neighborhood boys, sung by the sisters.

We were lucky enough to write it for our friend and treasured collaborator Kylie Lavrenchik to sing (and boy did she ever sing it, backed up by the wonderful Sunday Dinner.)

It was a fun night at the Jane Ballroom with songs by fellow GMTWP alums and friends.

It was especially meaningful to have a song performed in the same building Hedwig and the Angry Inch started in AND where I saw the musical version of Debbie Does Dallas (and was literally rolling in the aisle laughing) in 2003 that changed the way I thought about musicals just as I was realizing that I wanted to write them.