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What a year of firsts!

I took on some new roles – theater producer, album producer, Covid safety manager, press rep, props designer – but mostly got the chance to stay in my favorite role: collaborator.

I feel so lucky to have continued to work with some of my longstanding favorite artists and built relationships with some of my new favorite artists: Hannah Avery, Michael Blancafor, Seamus Buxton, Jennifer Chi, Shannon Clarke, Nikki DiLoreto, Mike Epperhart, Quin Friedrich, Holly Gould, Ellie Handel, Sam Heldt, MinJi Kim, Zac Larson, Kylie Lavrenchik, Amy Linden, Ellen Condon Macy, Evan Maltby, Paul Morgan, Jeremy Pletter, Sarah Plotkin, Allison Posner, Alex Ratner, Meredith Rise, Lynne Marie Rosenberg, Libby Servais, Hannah Sgambellone, Josslyn Shaw, Christine Sienicki, Kelly Soares, Ally Turlo, Jessica Walker, Elisabeth Weidner & Racquel Williams.

I look forward to new collaborators, new challenges, and new ideas (and getting to see some of the hard work of the last year coming to fruition!) in 2023.